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IT Support Essex

Whether you are looking for DC Services to provide your full IT support function or work with your existing IT department to increase performance, you will find our service professional, efficient and irreplaceable.

Jargon-free, friendly support available 7 days a week

DC Services provides effective and rapid IT support you can rely on through our friendly team of experts.

Our support services include:

Managed IT Support

24/7 Server and workstation monitoring

UK Based Support

UK based technical advisers. No outsourcing or contractors

Qualified Team & Partner network

We have an established network and qualified team all at your disposal

Regular Check-up

We can provide regular on-site check-up and maintenance

Remote Access Support

Using the internet, we can remotely control your computer and resolve your problem live, showing you the solution.

Available 24/7

Sometimes IT faults or maintenance can occur out of hours. We do not stop until the faults are resolved, whatever time of the day it may be.

Remote Access IT Support

Your business can benefit from unlimited IT Support from a team of highly trained, experienced IT professionals. Our bespoke system allows you to submit support tickets securely from your desktop, with no need to sign in and our system notifies our technical advisers immediately which means rapid response time to rectify the faults you described.


Alternatively you can request support directly by phoning our team of expert IT consultants directly or emailing us with your instructions.

Recommendations & Consultation

Be at the forefront with changes in the digital landscape and benefit from unlimited strategic support and advice on products with the help of our friendly advisors.

Whether you are planning to overhaul your IT or advice to keep you up to date with technology, you can feel at ease knowing you have a team of technical experts that will help you make the right decision

Rapid Response Time

We Pride ourselves on our rapid response time which is currently averaging at 32 mins from the first support ticket requested. On each support plan we provide has a guaranteed response time which we adhere to and exceed.

  • Average Response TIme

Cyber Security

Given in recent times, Cyber Security is becoming ever more important in the world of business and IT infrastructure as cyber attacks are increasingly more common. Our team can ensure that all critical infrastructure and operational systems are fully updated and secured wherever possible to best prevent attacks and minimise the risk of downtime.


We can audit and propose an effective security model for your business with the correct configuration and policies across your network minimising the risk for intrusion

Have a Team Of Experts At Your Disposal and Secure your Organisation with DCServices.

Get in touch with our friendly Experts to learn more about our bespoke solutions.