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Infrastructure, Hardware Repair & Servicing

Business Infrastructure

Server Installation & Deployment

We install and configure new servers for your business to centralise your businesses' IT services

Cabling and Patching

We can lay, install and patch your Ethernet cabling using our pool of dedicated electricians and engineers

Multi-Site deployment

We can devise and provide a solution that would better connect your multiple offices and communication between your company sites

Repair and Servicing

On-Site Support

We understand that not all problems can be solved remotely, we visit and rectify the problem on-site by an expert engineer.

Hardware/Software Repair

Workstation not working correctly? Servers not working correctly? We can arrange for all of the above to be resolved at your location or at our service department

Scheduled Maintenance

Best combined with IT Support but offered also as a PAYG service, we can audit and health check your network on-site and propose a solution or rectify on-site.

Supported Devices


We support all editions of Windows including MS Exchange 2010,2013 and SBS.


We support Ubuntu/Debian and other Linux flavours typically in lamp or specialist server deployments


MacOS is also supported by DC Services

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